Mala Suerte (Bad Luck) is a spinoff of the famous Mayhem character. The original assignment was to replicate the Mayhem campaign in Spanish. We tested the Mayhem commercials among hispanic consumers and, although they liked them, we heard a lot of consumers talking about faith and destiny. We though that fatalism was a powerful cultural insight for latinos, and instead of personifying chaos (Mayhem) we personified destiny (Bad Luck). Our character is a bit more subtle than Mayhem, and instead of being the direct cause of a problem, he creates the perfect conditions for a car accident and lets his victims fall by themselves. 
We did casting in Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Los Angeles, Madrid and Barcelona to find our Mr. Mala Suerte. We found him in Madrid. I think we made the perfect choice. 
The campaign and the character were created almost 8 years ago and It's still running. 
Collaborators: Juan Moore.  Cristian Duran. 
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