Ben & Jerry's asked us to launch 3 varieties of ice cream to Europe in one 30-second video. The tricky part of this task was that none of the 3 products had anything in common. So, It was impossible to focus on a specific benefit. We needed a conceptual container to showcase these 3 unrelated products. That's why we created a magical theatrical world where we can feature the 3 products in a coherent narrative. 
In order to stay within the crafty personality of the brand, we went fully practical on the execution. There's no CGI in this video, everything was handmade and animated frame by frame. We just did some rotoscoping for the hands and a few elements that we had shot separate for technical reasons. Even the elastic transformation of the magical box and the smoke transitions were made by hand.  It was long and tedious, but worth every single frame. 
Collaborators: Jamie Stark. David Horowitz .
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