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Allstate "Wall"
Memo Ochoa, the iconic mexican goalkeeper, literally turns into a wall to demonstrate what reliable protection is all about.
Kellogg's Fiber Cycle
A cleverly crafted demo about how fiber can clean your body inside.
Boost Mobile "Lookout Point"
See what would happen on a first date when dad gets 4 free phones to keep the family connected ALL the time.
Jeep Instagram Spillover
Jeep drivers don't believe in boundaries. Not even the ones set by social platforms.
Ben & Jerry's ImagiMagic TV
3 different types of ice cream , only one TV spot. Sometimes you have to think "inside" the box to make marketing magic.
Nissan "Fun Chasers"
Some say that when you want to find the latinos, you just have to follow the music.
Allstate "Mr. Bad Luck" campaign
How do you get people to love a brand by creating a character they love to hate? Click and find out.
Firstbank P2P Transfers
Use Firstbank P2P Transfers to pay your debts, or else...
Firstbank Recruiting Campaign
What does an elephant using not one, but three, hula hoops have to do with recruiting Spanish speaking employees for Firstbank branches?
Disneyland's Tower of Terror Launch
There's nothing more fun than making an elevator full of people drop from a 13th floor. Drop in if you dare.
Toyota "Magic Journey"
Remember that feeling of going back home during the holidays? It's like being a kid again.
Toyota "Surprise."
I'm not going to ruin the surprise for you. See the spot and find out.
Latino Film Festival "Red Carpet"
Red carpet. Two beautiful ladies. Same dress. You do the math.
Jim Beam Chicago Cubs
Go Cubs. That's all I'm going to say about this one.
Redd's Apple Ale "Together We Beer".
Apple + Beer + Spanish + English = A very unique TV spot.
Redd's Wicked Relaunch.
A beaver and a rabbit jump into a cab. See how things get weird when you start your night with Redd's Wicked.
Henry's Hard Soda in Spanish
Party Hard-ish in Spanish.
Coca Cola "Starstruck" with Christina Aguilera.
Pop the top of a Coke and win a date with Christina Aguilera. Can you handle it?
Gatorade "What Matters"
When we get inside a sports field, we are all equals.
Toyota "Security Guard".
Being a security guard can be dangerous, or joyful.
Allstate "Gloves"
Mexican goalkeeper Memo Ochoa lost his gloves right before the big game. See how the whole city work together to get them back.
Firstbank Apple Pay "Wallet".
Who needs a wallet when you have Apple Pay?
FirstBank Army of Features
No. This is not a commercial with Mel Gibson. But it's a radio spot with 10.000 Mel Gibson's look alike.
Allstate "Mala Suerte" microsite.
Here's a website where you can test your bad luck if you don't have the right insurance coverages.
Allstate "Protection is our game" website
An extremely immersive website that shows you how fútbol and insurance have a lot in common.
"Welcome to Lápiz" Poster
A ver peculiar poster to greet american visitors when crossing the doors of a hispanic agency.
Skinnygirl Cocktails "Being good" campaign.
See how you can be good while doing bad things.
Tecate "Russian Roulette"
Are you man (or woman) enough to play Russian Roulette with beer?
2Gingers "Surprisingly Friendly" Irish Whiskey
See how you can be tough in a friendly way.
Allstate "KAPTURA" Mobile Game/ App
A mobile game where you become a goalkeeper trying to stop the most surreal penalty kicks.
Nintendo Super Mario Galaxy "Planets".
We launch the new Super Mario Galaxy by "launching" a whole family into space.
Kellogg's Special K.
Insightful copy, impeccable design and a little magic to make latinas fall in love with a cereal brand.
JP Morgan Chase "Home Tour"
A woman is so proud of her new house that she invites everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, for a Home Tour.
JP Morgan Chase "Date"
A homeowner's first date goes well until someone says "your place or mine?".
Kick'em in the Ballots
A TV channel wanted to encourage Millennial and Gen Z adults to get out and vote in the middle of a pandemic.
Student Work
Some of my student work at Miami Ad School during 1998-2000
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